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"Making the Bible Easy Reading for Beautiful Covenant Girls" 

Too often as Women, we miscarry our ministry and abort our destiny because of the discomfort that comes with carrying the heaviness of God’s Glory. We give up on the promise prematurely because we’re not yet showing.  But a woman of the word, a Covenant Girl,  is a woman who recognizes she is pregnant with a purpose much greater than her own comfort and she is determined to carry her miracle full term.  Like our Covenant Sister Mary, we too are carrying a seed that will impact and transform our society. Mary was literally the first woman to "Deliver The Word", Jesus, and God has called us like new babes to desire the sincere milk of the word so that we may grow in Him! Together with much labor and pain, we will complete this challenge to destroy the curse of barrenness for you,  your children and children’s children. If God can cause a barren 90-something old woman like Sarah to bring forth His promise certainly He can open our wombs and produce great fruit in our lives! My prayer is that everyone who accepts this challenge will experience fertility and fruitfulness in every area and aspect of your life. (physically, financially, mentally and spiritually)

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